Bath Abbey and the Pump Rooms in Bath

Chaplaincy exists in a number of places across the deanery. Historically, the Anglican way has focused on the parish church as the hub of Christian activity, but the presence of chaplains reminds us clearly that God is at work in all sorts of other contexts as well. To start with, chaplains usually minister among groups of people who would be very unlikely to cross the threshold of a church. They have the task of interpreting faith in non-church contexts where the majority of those they see may show very little interest in spiritual things. They also frequently find themselves representing Christianity in a multi-faith market place alongside other faith traditions. For all these reasons chaplains have a particular role in the church’s mission, they have a significant perspective on mission, and need specific encouragement and resourcing.

Many chaplaincies exist in the deanery including:

  • Bath Spa University (part-time Methodist chaplain with chaplains of other denominations)
  • Bath Police (voluntary and currently held by a Methodist)
  • Bath Rugby (voluntary)City of Bath College (part-time)
  • Genesis Trust (voluntary)
  • King Edward’s School (part-time)
  • Monkton Combe School (full-time)
  • Partis College (part-time)
  • Royal United Hospital (full-time and voluntary posts)
  • Send a Cow (voluntary)
  • St Mark’s School (full-time)
  • St John’s Foundation with the Magdalen Chapel (full-time)
  • University of Bath (full-time Anglican chaplain with chaplains of other denominations)

Details of churches in the Deanery are available here.